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Sbelt Waist Trainer Belt ● Miss Shaper Cincher ● HourGlass Xtreme Slim

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WeGo WG-TV006 Sbelt Waist Trainer Belt ● Miss Shaper Cincher ● HourGlass Xtreme Slim


  • ✔ GENUINE: The Official Miss Waist Fat Burning Belt for an HourGlass Shape
  • ✔ DOUBLE COMPRESSION SYSTEM: ShapeWear Training Technology Allows You That Craved Hour Glass Shape
  • ✔ LOSE 2 SIZES INSTANTLY: The Sbelt Corset Works Instantly and is Unnoticeable Under Clothes
  • ✔ BACK SUPPORT: Provides Instant Abdominal Compression and Back Support
  • ✔ LIGHT WEIGHT FABRIC: Comfortable, LightWeight Fabric Stays in Place while Performing Any Activity

Product Description

What is the SBelt? 

The Sbelt is one of the newest waist trainers and body shapers in the market that will help women obtain a slimmer waist and that craved hourglass shape in just two seconds.

How Does It Work? 

The Sbelts success is due to its exclusive Sbelt technology that firmly tightens around your waist, abdomen, and back for an instant hourglass shape. It tucks your belly, slims your waist, supports your back, shapes your figure, tones and firms your skin. What makes Sbelt different is that other products compress your mid section but are not adjustable, but Sbelt is instantly adjustable so you can tighten it or loosen it on the go.