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WeGo WG-TV001 Be-Active Pressure Point Brace for Back Pain

  • The patented pressure pad in the brace applies targeted pressure to the specifc point that provides back pain relief! BeActive is now FDA approved for Class 1 Medical Devices!
  • Helps relieve lower back pain associated with Sciatica!
  • Quick and easy to apply . The Beactive wrap should initially be worn for up to 2 hours at a time. If it remains comfortable, the wrap can be worn for longer periods as needed.
  • Works on either right or left leg! The Beactive wrap fits the calf circumference sizes 12.5 inches to 18 inches measured around the fullest part of the calf. The Beactive wrap is effective when worn on a single leg on the side of the pain.
  • Discreet and easily hidden under clothing.

Product Description

As Seen On TV, Be-Active, Pressure Point Brace, For Back Pain Relief, Lower Back Pain Radiates From The Lower Back To Lower Extremities, Secret Is The Acupressure Pad, Apply To Trigger Points To Relieve Tension Up Your Leg & Back For Instant Help With Back Relief, Helps Relieve Lower Back Pain Associated With Chronic Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, & Pregnancy, Use On Left Or Right Leg, Quick & Easy To Apply, Holds Firm & Comfortably While Exercising Or At Work, Can Be Worn Under Clothes, Helping You Live Pain Free & Enjoy Being Active Again, 1 Size Fits All & Adjustable.